Posts for March 2021

  • Arizona’s Laws for Causing Death in DUI Crashes by Aaron M. Black
    03/18/2021... An Arizona motorist driving impaired, even slightly, from alcohol or drugs who causes a crash that kills someone, including any passengers in the impaired driver’s vehicle, raises a drunk driving charge to a far worse offense. Although Arizona does not have a vehicular assault or vehicular manslaughter law, as do many other states, our state does address death related DUI offenses. Depending upon the facts and circumstances of the DUI related fatality, the charge can be manslaughter, negligent homicide, and in severe intentional cases, second degree murder.
  • The Art and Law of Plea Bargaining a DUI in Arizona by Aaron M. Black
    03/11/2021... Going to trial for a DUI charge in Arizona is an uncertainty. We can never be sure how jurors will weigh the evidence, the facts of the case, and the testimony to reach a verdict. Plea bargaining agreements eliminate the uncertainty. For both sides.
  • How DUI Police Reports Can Impact Your Defense Case by Aaron M. Black
    03/03/2021... The police report contains basic information about the details of your arrest. There are many details in the police report that can play a major role in your DUI defense case.
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