Posts for November 2021

  • Thanksgiving in Greater Phoenix Triggers DUIs by Aaron M. Black
    11/24/2021... Thanksgiving, our nation’s oldest holiday, launches the year-end holiday season with family and friend revelers who drive when they should not. Authorities know that and they are on the lookout for drivers who are impaired by alcohol or drugs, including prescription medications.
  • How to Ruin Your Life in One Night by Aaron M. Black
    11/05/2021... Bad judgment, peer pressure, addiction, a chance encounter, these are catalysts for destroying in a single night all that has been achieved over a lifetime, and sometimes taking another’s life. This life changer has a name - Felony DUI in Phoenix, AZ
In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, I wanted to inform clients and potential clients I am still available for consultations. I am always available by phone, text and/or email. We can also use Facetime for social distancing. The criminal justice system is not stopping due to COVID-19.

Google Screened Attorney - Phoenix DUI and Criminal Defense
We've just been vetted by Google screening. This process provides peace of mind to consumers that the attorney they are choosing passes both business and personal background checks, has malpractice insurance, and has a current license to practice law in the state.

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