What do I do if I get pulled over for DUI?

by Aaron Black • November 14, 2011

If a cop thinks you are drunk he is going to do anything and everything he can to prove he is right. Here are a few tips on what you should do if you are pulled over for DUI:

  1. Answer the officer when he wants your personal information and license.
  2. If an officer asks a question about drinking ask for a lawyer and don’t answer.
  3. The officer will ask you to get out of the car. You must comply.
  4. The officer will ask if he can look at your eyes. He will ask you to follow his pen. Ask for your lawyer and respectfully refuse the test.
  5. The officer will ask you to balance on one leg. Ask for your lawyer and respectfully refuse the test.
  6. The officer will ask for you to walk a straight line. Ask for your lawyer and respectfully refuse the test.
  7. The officer will ask you to blow into his portable breath machine (PBT). The officer will pull this out of his car or trunk. Ask for your lawyer and respectfully refuse the test.
  8. The officer will probably arrest you because he will say he could smell the odor of alcohol, he noticed bloodshot and watery eyes, voice was slurred, and he saw you swerve. There is no need to help him more by doing the tests.
  9. The officer will take you back to the station and want your blood. There is something in Arizona called Admin Per Se. If you give the blood your license will be suspended for 90 days. If you refuse to give blood your license will be revoked for one year. Ask to speak with your lawyer immediately. If you refuse the police will simply call a judge, get a warrant, hold you down, and take your blood by force.
  10. Always demand an independent blood test.
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