If I plan on pleading guilty to my DUI charge do I need a lawyer?

by Aaron Black • January 04, 2012
I am well aware that I am a criminal defense attorney and my livelihood depends on individuals hiring a Phoenix  DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney when they are in trouble. However, your future also depends on hiring a qualified lawyer.

Even if you plan to plead guilty, a DUI lawyer may be of help to you. A Phoenix DUI Lawyer may help improve the outcome of your case, reduce the fines, and reduce jail time. In short an experienced DUI Lawyer will help defend your constitutional rights and potentially have your charges reduced or dropped based on the evidence.

You must view hiring a DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyer as an investment. Many cases do not have to end with extreme amounts of jail and fines.

What can a lawyer do for my DUI case?

  • They can determine if any of your rights were violated. Such as
  • Did you ask for an attorney and were you provided to opportunity to get one?
  • Were your Miranda Rights read?
  • Did you ask for an independent blood sample?
The DUI Attorney will analyze the field sobriety tests and determine if they were conducted in compliance with the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) standards.

They will examine the blood results as there is more to the blood results than just the reading them. Your blood is tested with 60 other blood samples. An experienced DUI Defense Lawyer will read the blood reports to determine if there was contamination and/or false readings.

A DUI Defense Lawyer will investigate how the police officer stopped you. Was this a legal stop? If the stop was not legal there is a chance your case can be dismissed.

What should I do if I’m arrested for a DUI?

If you are arrested for DUI your initial responses can mean all the difference to your case.
  • Always be polite to the Police Officer
  • When asked respectfully provide the Officer your license, registration and insurance
  • Comply with the Officer if you are asked to step out of the vehicle
  • Immediately invoke your 5th Amendment Right to remain silent if the officer asks you if you have been drinking
  • Without delay request a lawyer
  • Graciously refuse all field sobriety tests (the eye test, walk & turn and 1 leg stand)
  • Respectfully refuse the PBT (Portable breathalyzer Test) The PBT is a small breath machine carried by the officer which can be administered on the side of the road. Contrary to popular belief your license will not be suspended for refusing this test
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