I was arrested for DUI in Phoenix and the cop took my license. When can I get my license back?

by Aaron Black • February 21, 2012
If this is your first DUI in Phoenix, Arizona you are going to be without a license for a little bit. You now must drive on the yellow slip of paper. The suspension begins 15 days from the date of your arrest. It is a 90 day suspension.

After 30 days of the suspension you can get to and from work/school permit for the remaining 60 days (This is when you can get your license back). 

After the complete 90 days are over you will be able to drive anywhere you want. However, if you are subsequently convicted of DUI you will be driving with the ignition interlock.

Admin Per Se/Implied Consent

This is called Admin Per Se/Implied Consent (ARS 28-1385). If you consented to the chemical test to determine your BAC (Blood alcohol content) your license will go into suspension 15 days after the date of your arrest. If however you refused the chemical test your license will be suspended 1 year after the date of your arrest. You have a right to a hearing in court on the license suspension. A timely request for a hearing will stay the suspension.

Motor Vehicle Department Hearing

The MVD (Motor Vehicle Department) hearing on the license suspension is an excellent discovery tool for your DUI case. At the hearing, the arresting police officer must appear and it will be your first opportunity to get the officer's "story" under oath. Inconsistencies between the officer's MVD testimony, interview testimony, and DUI trial testimony will create a valuable impeachment tool. The Admin Per Se / Implied Consent hearing often occurs months before your DUI trial.

If you have been arrested for DUI, your license is just one of the many issues. You also need to worry about jail and fines and the IID (Ignition Interlock Device.)

Experienced legal counsel who will fight for your rights

Aaron will file the necessary paperwork to protect your rights to drive. At the MVD hearing the state will call professional witnesses who are trying to take away your right to drive so I do not recommend that you do this alone.

With Phoenix DUI Lawyer Aaron Black you will be represented by experienced counsel who will fight for you!

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