I Was Arrested For DUI, Should I Hire A DUI Lawyer?

by Aaron Black • December 27, 2011

Facing a DUI prosecution may seem like a lost cause because you know you were drunk, and you know that you were way over the legal limit. However, there are many aspects of a DUI case that an experienced DUI Defense Lawyer will investigate to possibly get you a better deal or your case dismissed.

A DUI Defense Lawyer will determine if any of your rights were violated. Did you ask for an attorney? Were your Miranda Rights read? Did you ask for an independent blood sample?

A DUI Defense Lawyer will analyze the field sobriety tests and determine if they were conducted in compliance with the NHTSA standards.

A DUI Defense Lawyer will examine the blood results. There is more to the blood results than just the reading. Your blood is tested with 60 other blood samples. An experienced DUI Defense Lawyer will read the blood reports to determine if there was contamination and/or false readings.

A DUI Defense Lawyer will investigate how the police officer stopped you. Was this a legal stop? If the stop was not legal there is a chance your case can be dismissed.

There are many things a DUI Defense Lawyer can do for you. When you are facing mandatory jail, fines, and the ignition interlock device the last thing you want to do is roll over and accept whatever the prosecutor offers you.

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