How do I get my license back after an ARS 28-1385 Admin Per Se Suspension?

by Aaron Black • April 03, 2015

How do I get my license back after the ARS 28-1385 Admin Per Se Suspension?

  • The ARS 28-1385 Admin Per Se suspension is 90 days.
  • The first 30 days there is absolutely no driving.
  • If you finish an alcohol screening (1 hour meeting with a counselor who will recommend you attend 18, 32, or 54 hours of alcohol classes) you will be able to get a restricted license on day 31 of the suspension.
  •  If MVD does not mail you the restriction, you must go into MVD and obtain it. Nothing automatically happens with MVD. You must always go in and do something.
  • The restricted permit allows you to drive to and from work, court, school , alcohol classes,  lawyer’s office and probation office.
  • On day 90 you must go back to MVD and reinstate your Driver’s License. This is when you will finally get back your physical license if the police confiscated it.
  • You do not have to finish the above mentioned alcohol classes to get your restricted license. However, if you are convicted of DUI, the judge will make you finish them.
  • The screening can be completed at any MVD/ADOT approved location. I have provided you with a few options (Scottsdale Treatment Institute, Stonewall, Arizona Behavioral Counseling). 
*If this is your 2nd ARS 28-1385 Admin Per Se within 7 years, your license will be suspended for a straight 90 days. There is no restriction. This 90 day suspension is in addition to a 1 year revocation of your driver’s license.