Criminal felony charges in Scottsdale Arizona can carry extremely harsh punishments

by Aaron Black • April 07, 2017
Felony arrestFelony offenses in Arizona are the most serious criminal charges. Unlike misdemeanor charges the fines go up exponentially and depending on your circumstances, prison time may be mandatory. Even if you are sentenced to probation a judge can still sentence you to up to one year in county jail. (Tent City)

Tent City has long been known throughout the nation for enduring the sweltering heat from the Phoenix sun and meatless meals.

Penalties for a Felony Conviction

Class 6 felony
  • Carries a maximum punishment of 2 years in prison.
  • 3 years of supervised probation
  • $150,000 fine plus surcharges
Class 6 felonies can include charges such as possession of drug paraphernalia, resisting arrest, aggravated DUI, theft and possession of marijuana.

Class 5 felony
  • Carries a maximum punishment of 2.5 years in prison
  • 3 years of supervised probation
  • $150,000 fine plus surcharges
Some examples of class 5 felony offenses include theft of a credit card, unlawful flight from law enforcement, criminal damage, theft and aggravated assault on a police officer

Class 4 felony
  • Punishable by a maximum punishment is 3.75 years in prison
  • 4 years of probation
  • $150,000 fine plus surcharges
Class 4 felony offenses include aggravated DUI, possession of narcotic drugs, possession of dangerous drugs, misconduct involving weapons, forgery, identity theft and burglary.

Class 3 felony
  • Punishable by up to 8.75 years in prison
  • 5 years of probation
  • $150,000 fine plus surcharges
Examples of class 3 felony offenses include theft of a motor vehicle, aggravated assault, possession of marijuana for sale, theft, burglary, aggravated robbery and trafficking stolen property.

Class 2 felony
  • Punishable by up to 12.5 years in prison
  • 7 years of probation
  • $150,000 fine plus surcharges
Class 2 felony offenses include possession of narcotic drugs for sale, possession of dangerous drugs for sale, manslaughter, aggravated assault, sexual assault, child prostitution, armed robbery, assisting a criminal street gang, burglary, discharging a firearm, theft and fraudulent schemes.

Class 1 felony
A class 1 felony offense is the most serious crime a person can be charged with and is reserved for murder charges only
  • Carries a minimum of 25 years to life and has a maximum penalty of the death penalty.
From criminal street gangs to discharging a firearm and trafficking stolen property, felony charges carry life-altering ramifications and you should seek an experienced criminal defense attorney in Scottsdale, AZ to protect your constitutional rights.

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