Cinco de Mayo holiday or plain old Tuesday, there is no ok time to drink and drive

by Aaron Black • May 15, 2017
DUI in Phoenix, AZAlthough Cinco de Mayo has come and gone it’s just another reminder not to drink and drive. The Scottsdale Police Department collaborated with the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety as well as the Chandler, Mesa, and Tempe police departments to crack down on drunk drivers. Although the holidays always bring to the forefront the risks associated with drinking and driving and of course the risk of getting caught with the increased patrols for DUI’s, no time should be an ok time to drink and drive.

From a first time DUI offense to extreme, super extreme or aggravated DUI, Phoenix, Arizona enforces some of the harshest penalties in the country. Penalties vary for first-time or repeat offenders. These offenses carry mandatory prison terms, fines, license suspension and the ignition interlock device.

With options such as Cabs, Uber and Lyft why risk putting yourself in life-altering situations when they can, in fact, be avoided.

1st Time Misdemeanor Driving Under the Influence (under .15 BAC)

  • Minimum jail 10 days jail, but 9 may be suspended
  • Maximum Jail – 6 months
  • Fines
$250 Fine
$210 Surcharge
$500 Prison Fund 
$500 Public Safety Equip. Fund
$20 Time Pay Fee
$20 Probation Fee
  • 90-day License Suspension
  • Possible Probation up to 5 years
  • Alcohol / Drug Screening & Classes
  • Possible community service
  • Pay for jail incarceration
  • Possible monthly probation fees
  • Possible SR22 insurance
  • 1-year Ignition interlock (6 months beginning January 1, 2012)
If you are facing DUI charges in Phoenix as the result of drinking and driving during Cinco de Mayo it is essential to speak with a lawyer experienced in DUI defense law immediately. With both legal and job-related consequences on the horizon, choosing the right attorney to represent you could mean the difference between a dismissal of the charges against you, a not guilty verdict or perhaps no jail time or substantially reduced charges.

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