April is alcohol awareness month

by Aaron Black • April 13, 2017
April is Alcohol Awareness MonthAlcohol awareness month was established in 1987 with the intent is to help reduce the stigma associated with alcoholism and the consequences of its long-term use. Although I often talk about the implications of drinking and driving, it goes far beyond the streets.

According to award-winning and health writer Scott Stevens, author of “I can’t see the Forest with all these damn trees in the way,” there are several health consequences of alcohol.

Do you know what the health effects of alcohol are?

  • The risk of a stroke doubles after a single drink?
  • Heart disease is caused by and worsens with the use of alcohol
  • Alcohol contains carcinogens and is known to cause eight types of cancers that include both breast cancer, and it’s the second leading cause of oral cancers
  • Excessive alcohol use can lead to liver disease

Staggering statistics on drinking and driving

  • Every 45 minutes someone is killed in the United States by a drunk driver
  • An overwhelming 50-75 percent of those that have their license suspended due to drinking and driving continue to drive
  • On average people who have been charged with a first time DUI have driven drunk 87 times before being arrested
  • It’s estimated that roughly 3 in 10 Americans will be involved in an alcohol-related crash sometime in their life
  • According to MADD drunk drivers cost each adult in the U.S. over $500 a year
No one is immune from the effects of drinking and driving in our society. From an innocent victim in the wrong place at the wrong time to the health effects and societal consequences, there is no happy ending to excessive alcohol abuse.

The bottom line is that no matter the month be it April or October we should all be aware of the consequences of abusing alcohol.

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