Assault Domestic Violence (Phoenix) - Not Guilty at trial- 10/31/2017

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Assault Domestic Violence (Phoenix) - Not Guilty at trial- 10/31/2017
This case was fantastic and it was all on video from the light rail platform. There was a car accident where the victim's vehicle was rear ended and pushed up onto the sidewalk. When the victim's vehicle was pushed onto the sidewalk it hit a small child and mother. The people in the area were furious and thought the victim intentionally ran into these people (they were not injured). All of a sudden, the group of people pulled the victim from the car and began to beat him. My client happened to walk by the scene at the same time, stomped on the victim's head numerous times, and walked away. Concerned citizens called 911 and described my client. He was quickly arrested by the police for the assault. However, my client was charged with causing bodily injury. At trial, the victim said he was not injured. He said he was only stomped on the shoulder and not the head. He said he hurt his face when he was punched by the mob that pulled him out of the car. He said he bumped his head when thrown to the cement (not kicked). Not Guilty, and my client did it! The issue was that the prosecutor charged the case wrong. It took me to figure this out, set the case to trial, and set my client free (he sat in jail for weeks).

If you have been charged with assault in the City of Phoenix give me a call. You may have assaulted someone, but you may not be guilty. If there is a defense, I will do my best to find it and argue it. Give me, Aaron Black, a call at 480-729-1683 if you have been charged with Assault in Phoenix and we will discuss your options.

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